Digital Marketing is a smart marketing effort or technique where everything you, your brand or your company does to market your products or services to customers via Digital Channel or Digital Technology.

In other words, any type of marketing that includes promotion of brands, products or services through any digital medium is called Digital Marketing.

In Digital Marketing, we advertise our products and services through various digital channels such as social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, or any other digital channels such as TV, Print Media, Electronic Media, Billboard etc. where internet is not required to marketing anything. Pamphlets, Flyers, Billboards, TV ads, Radio Ads, Print Advertisements, Newspaper Ads, etc. are also the part of digital marketing but it is an offline activity not online.

So, we reached the conclusion from the above information in digital marketing we use two types of medium one is online marketing and the second is offline marketing. We are also putting the two terms Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing. What is Inbound Marketing? What is Outbound Marketing? Could we say inbound marketing is an online marketing activity and outbound marketing is an offline marketing activity? The answer is absolutely Yes!

In an online marketing internet is necessary to reach any customers but in an offline marketing internet is not required to reach any customers.

Simply, in one line we can say digital marketing can be done online or offline or both. Offline Marketing or Outbound Marketing sometime also referred as Traditional Marketing opposite of Online Marketing or Internet Marketing or Inbound Marketing.

Thus, from above conclusion two main pillars of digital marketing are:

In both, there is one similarity i.e. both pillars of digital marketing use electronic devices or digital channels or any other digital media to advertise the brands or products or services.

Thus, digital marketing just a way to connect with and influence your potential customers with digital channels.  

Could we say the word Internet Marketing and Digital marketing are same? My answer is No! Why? Because, As the name suggest internet marketing work only with the presence of internet while in digital marketing internet is not necessary to advertise the brands or products or services.

In mathematically, Internet Marketing or Online Marketing or Inbound Marketing is a subset of Digital Marketing.

We can say, digital marketing can be divided into two parts i.e. Digital Online Marketing and Digital Offline Marketing. In digital online marketing you connect with and influence those customers online while in digital offline marketing you connect with and influence those customers offline but in both cases, you use electronic devices or digital channels to advertise the brands or products or services.

What is Marketing? What is Traditional Marketing? What are the types Digital Marketing? Why Digital Marketing different from Traditional Marketing? All these questions, I will discuss in our next blog post.

Overall conclusion, digital marketing is one kind of marketing technique or strategy of brands or products or services that use electronic devices or any digital channels either online or offline or both and try to reach large number of consumers locally or globally.

But now a days, Online Marketing plays an important role and most popular over Offline Marketing. How? You will get this answer in our next blog post. This doesn’t mean that offline marketing is not important for us. Still, it’s live and hot but in the digital world consumers taste is changing gradually! Continue with us to know more about this in our next coming blog post.