Website Design and Development

Website Design and Website Development are two fundamental or core parts of build a Websites. With the increasing use of internet all over the world company wants to design and develop websites so that it promotes their products and services and attract large number audiences.

with the increasing use of internet all over the world company want to promote or show their products and services through websites and want to reach large number of audiences or customers in very short period of time by using digital marketing strategy or techniques.

Thus, websites are two parts:

  • Website Designing: It is also referred as web designing or web design worked by web designer to design various pages of your website to displayed on the internet. Its main task is to fully attract the attention of visitors towards your website. Professional web design helps to make your business appear credible online.
  • Website Development: It is also referred as web development worked by web developer and falls under two categories – front-end development, and back-end development. It is basically building and maintenance of website starting from designing phase to uploading of website on the internet. It works on both sides i.e. client sides as well as server sides.

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