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January 8, 2021
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Top Best White SEO Techniques

Lists of White Hat SEO Techniques: Boost your Website’s Ranking and Performance

Search engines like Google have become our go-to guides for any information. From finding the correct usage of a word to finding out about a technical issue, a search engines has the answer to every query. Over the years, Search Engine Optimization has come up with many strategies and different types of SEO techniques to make your search experience a memorable one. One such type of important techniques is the “White Hat Techniques”. Techniques words are also refereed as Tactics or Practices or methods in SEO terminology.

What are White Hat SEO Techniques?

What Hat SEO techniques are techniques that are in concurrence with the terms of service of the search engines and improve the search engines results page (SERP) rankings. These are the unsung heroes that ensure and provide a outstanding solutions to increase your website traffic, boost your website performance and improve your website ranking on search engines results page.

Lists of Top White Hat SEO Techniques 

White Hat techniques maintain the integrity of a website and ensure credibility and higher ranking on the SERPs. The lists of such techniques can be a long one. However, out of the universe of amazing White hat practices some of them are regarded as the benchmark:

Quality Content

Content is the undisputed king and the titleholder of good white hat practices. A uniquely written content which is relevant to the query and free of grammatical errors makes your website appear more trustworthy and valuable to search engines and end-users alike. A well-written content acts as a catalyst for higher ranking on the search engines listing. 

Proper Use of Title, Keywords, and Meta-Tags

The search engines pick up the keywords in the query and match with their index to bring the most appropriate websites to the end-user. Meta tags are important as they allow the webmaster to communicate with the search engines using the title of the page. This in turn helps match it up with the query posted. Remember to incorporate proper title, use of keywords, and relevant meta tags in the metadata to help your page get higher rankings. 

Ease of Navigation

The search engines and the end-users, both, rate ease of navigation higher on the lists of best White Hat SEO practices. It saves the visitor the frustration of using a complicated navigation system and helps the crawlers that index the site. Avoid irrelevant links on top priority and use universally accepted links. This mainly helps when your site is placed in an organic search. 

Site Performance

Regardless of your unique content and proper use of meta-tags, your page will not have enough traffic if it is slow to load. Fast loading time is necessary if you want to capitalize on the digital boom. Another aspect that impairs your page performance is if they are unavailable. The unavailable pages cannot be indexed; hence they don’t show up on the SERP. Make sure that your website loads fast and is accessible all the time. 

Quality Backlinks 

Quality and relevant backlinks significantly contribute to a website’s ranking. These backlinks are continuously assessed by the search engines for their relevance. Irrelevant backlinks risk discontinuation or even penalization of the website. How would you feel if you are looking for information on Indian culinary culture and the backlinks take you to USA food culture? 

Mobile Friendliness

With desktops and laptops fast replacing smartphones in our lives, mobile-friendliness has become an important website assessing factor for search engines. Mobile browsing has overshadowed browsing on all other devices. Search engines have acknowledged this and have started emphasizing mobile results for the past few years. Having a mobile-friendly page would help you have a higher ranking.


White hat techniques are low-hanging fruits that you should optimize on for a better rating of your page. Using these best popular lists of white hat techniques will go a long way in guaranteeing that your page gets a higher rating on SERPs.